Motown Music Legend & Playwright Berry Gordy Encourages You to Follow Your Dreams!

Hello Family!

First, I take time to acknowledge that the hearts of America are heavy in the face of all the tragedy that has taken place this past week. Prayers up for the families who have lost loved ones. May God heal not only hearts but the racial rifts dividing our society. #BlackLivesMatter

In the midst of all the chaos, however, may we not forget that we all have a dream — a purpose — that God has given us to fulfill. No one, nothing, and no circumstance should ever take that away from you. To this, Motown legend Berry Gordy speaks. While creating some of America’s most memorable music, the U.S. was in an uproar due to racial tensions at that time as well. Let his words of encouragement in the video above remind you that you have value as an individual. Make it your duty to let no dream go unrealized.

mariana6 (1 of 1)-LBest,

Ayvaunn Penn

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