Opening Night with Motown the Musical: Berry Gordy’s Speech on Recent Tragedies

Hello Family!

I hope that you are all doing fabulously well. Just last night I had the amazing honor of attending the opening night of Motown the Musical on Broadway. Because I love you all so much, I bring you tidings of exclusive footage: excerpts of the “What’s Going On?” musical number, curtain call, and Berry Gordy’s moving end-of-show speech regarding recent tragedies and the need to return to brotherly love across racial and cultural boundaries.

Clips are great, but make sure you go out and see this show! It is so timely as it reflects the social unrest of the Civil Rights era, AND we need to get out there and support this amazing group of talented beautiful black artists.

mariana6 (1 of 1)-LBest,

Ayvaunn Penn

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