Auditions for “King David” by Ayvaunn Penn


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Ayvaunn Penn

Seeking Non-Union Actors to audition for The Taken – Part 1: King David by playwright Ayvaunn Penn (Columbia University Dean’s Fellowship). 

This lyrical modernization of an ancient tale is a collaboration between playwright Ayvaunn Penn and director Nana Dakin, both second-year MFA students at Columbia University. Adapted from the biblical story of King David (II Samuel chapter 13), Penn’s poetic work explores the devastating consequences of King David’s actions and the generational violence it begets. The Taken will be presented as a full production in the spring of 2017. For this presentation of the first act, we are interested in exploring the heightened musicality of Penn’s storytelling.

NON-UNION. OPEN ETHNICITY. AGES 18+. We seek versatile performers with a passion for poetry, prosody, musicality, movement and ensemble work. Performers with backgrounds in spoken word and music are strongly encouraged to audition.


DAVID – King of Israel. Male. 20s-40s. Athletic. Historically virtuous and heroic. His fatal lust proves his downfall.

BATHSHEBA – Wife of a soldier. Female. 20s-30s. Sensuous, strong and quick to speak. Widely lusted after but very much in love with her husband Uriah.

ZIBA – David’s head servant. Female. 50s -60s. Wise and opinionated. David’s moral compass. The eyes and ears of the palace.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE (TAMAR) – Female. Teens – 20s. Athletic.
TAMAR – King David’s daughter. Sweet. Unassuming. Innocent.

MALE ENSEMBLE 1 (AMNON / JOAB / ELISHAMA) – Male. 20s – 30s. Athletic.
AMNON – King David’s son. Rapes his sister Tamar.
JOAB – Army captain and King David’s right hand man. Exudes power and authority. Gets the job done with no questions.
ELISHAMA – Servant. Hiding a secret affair. Enjoys telling crazy stories about Ziba.

MALE ENSEMBLE 2 (ABSALOM / JEZREEL) – Male. Teens – 20s. Athletic.
ABSALOM – King David’s son. Kills his brother Amnon for raping his sister Tamar.
JEZREEL – Servant. Newly hired. Energetic but immature.

Rehearsals will start the week of September 5th, and go until October 6th (opening night). Rehearsals will take place 2-3 times a week from 6.30-9.30pm and on one weekend day, from 10-2pm or 2-6pm, with few exceptions. All rehearsals will be held in the area around Columbia University.

The production will be presented at Columbia University’s Schapiro Theatre October 6th-9th, 2016.

Monday, August 29th, 10am – 6pm
at 612 West 115th Street, New York, NY 10027
Watson Hall, Room 106
*closest subway is the 1 train to 116th Street

Tuesday, August 30th, 1pm – 9pm
at 3280 Broadway, New York, NY 10027
5th Floor, Studio 5
*closest subways are the 1 train to 125th St. or 137th St.

Auditions will be scheduled in 10 minute slots.

To submit, please follow these instructions:

1. Email Director Nana Dakin: n.dakin[at]columbia[dot]edu
2. In the subject line write: “Audition, King David”
3. Specify which ROLE you are auditioning for
4. Specify which audition DAY(s) and TIME(s) you are available for
5. Attach PDF of your Headshot
6. Attach PDF of your Resume

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