FREE Tickets to “KING DAVID: The Original Musicless Musical”


Hey Fam!

Loooong time no chat. I hope you’ve been well since we last spoke. It brings my heart great joy to share with you my latest play KING DAVID: The Orginial Musicless Musical.  It is running March 10-12, 2017 at Columbia University Schapiro Theatre. Because I love you so much, you are invited to

Reserve FREE seats by clicking here!

King David, lauded by theatre legends Anne Bogart and David Henry Hwang (Tony Award Winner) during continued classroom development at Columbia University, is taking on exciting transformations in form and content since the original October 2016 production. Now known as King David: The Original Musicless Musical, it is a dance-filled dramatic work wherein people are the instruments, poetry is the music, and the human body serves as the building blocks of the set. Indubitably a treat for the eyes and ears alike.

This biblical adaptation of II Samuel chapters 11-13 — written and directed by yours truly — explores the tragedy that befalls King David’s family in a way he never expects when his son, Amnon, rapes his beloved young daughter, Tamar. Will David have the strength to tell his daughter that his past actions are the cause of her pain? Through contemporary free verse poetry and dance we dive into David’s mind revisiting the mental battle fields of his past where the fate of his daughter is determined.

Friends, I promise you that this is a groundbreaking event that you don’t want to miss. Be the first to see the new phenomenon on the theatre scene — the “musicless musical.”

See you at the show!

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