CASTING: “The Henry Dumas Project” – Genius of the 1960’s Black Arts Movement

Seeking: Black Performers Teens-30s

For all of my acting folks in the house, I have an amazing opportunity for you. One of my favorite directors — Mark H. (Columbia University Directing MFA) — is working on a show giving life to the work of 1960’s Black Art Movement genius Henry Dumas. And guess what? He needs you! Especially if you are a male actor. Mark seeks versatile and committed African American performers for this ensemble storytelling production with music and movement. Details are below.

A word from the Director Mark H. :

“A few years ago, I was introduced to the writings of Henry Dumas, a relatively unknown genius of the Black Arts Movement in the 1960’s. Dumas was primarily a short fiction and poetry writer, his work spanning multiple genres and styles. I have been itching to bring some of his work to the stage, and I have decided to use this opportunity to do just that. I am not looking to rewrite his stories into dramatic form, but rather stage his works as is, with a mix of the narrative voice AND dialogue. This will be straight-up ensemble storytelling, with music, movement, and anything else we can use to bring these amazingly rich stories to life.”

Proposed Production Schedule (Full)

Friday 4/14, 6-10pm
Saturday 4/15, 12-4pm
Sunday 4/16, 12-4pm
Wednesday 4/19, 6-8pm
Friday 4/21, 6-8pm
Saturday 4/22, 12-4pm
Sunday 4/23, 12-4pm
Monday 4/24 (Load-in/Tech Begins), 6-11pm
Wednesday 4/26, 6-11pm
Thursday 4/27 (Final Dress), 6-11pm
Friday 4/28 (Opening Night), 8pm
Saturday 4/29 (Performance) 8pm
Sunday 4/30, 2pm (Closing)

Email Director Mark H. at msh2187[at] if  interested.

Until next time!

Ayvaunn Penn


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2 thoughts on “CASTING: “The Henry Dumas Project” – Genius of the 1960’s Black Arts Movement

  1. Hi I read the details for this production and I noticed you said something about musical production as well. I’m 20 years old and have been playing the trumpet for 9 years. This sounds like something I would love to be apart of and was wondering if you needed musicians. Thanks for your time!

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