Viral Internet Sensation Maddie Brown Talks With BAM-iT!: Spotlight, Dancing Dreams & How to Achieve Them


Today I had the honor and privilege of doing a live video interview with 14-year-old Madison Brown who embodies everything it means to be Black And Making It. This stunning dancer and beautiful spirit caught my eye as I was scrolling through Facebook on Saturday March 16, 2019. Her brilliant Youth America Grand Prix 2019 dance performance moved me and gave me an immediate sense of pride as a black artist. I just had to share it with the audience of our Black And Making It Facebook page, and my goodness did Miss Maddie go viral! Her content on the Black And Making It platform alone has over 3.1 millions views and over 76, 790 shares to date. I just had to reach out to Madison for an interview to which she and her family graciously agreed. Ladies and gentlemen, I am elated to present to you the next big name in ballet and contemporary dance, none other than Madison Brown. Watch my interview with her below, and share it with other artists you feel can be inspired by her story.


DSC_2158Stay Black And Making It,

Ayvaunn Penn, BAM-iT! Founder

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