My Free Theatre Event for July 4th Week

Hello BAM-iT! Family,

What better way to celebrate the Independence of our nation than with free theatre? And theatre celebrating America’s diversity? Ladies and gents, I’m proud to announce that I have a play being featured in “Smash the Box” — a series of 8 theatrical works created by women of color from diverse cultures and who seek to break free of stereotypes society often thrusts upon them.

In the video above, the founder of “Smash the Box” and I discuss some of the important conversations that our artistic project has stirred in terms of racial identity and the need for unity rather than division among races. Feel free to share your thoughts as well — both here and in person. The workshop performances you will see next week are the first wave of what is being built into a greater whole, but we want to incorporate audience feedback into our development process since we wholeheartedly believe art is not merely entertainment but also conversation and catalyst for social change.

This event is taking place July 7-9, 2016 at 7:30PM each night at Columbia University’s Schapiro Theatre. Running time is approximately one hour. Click here for directions. We look forward to seeing you there!

mariana6 (1 of 1)-LBest,
Ayvaunn Penn

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