Meet Izabela Rose, the Afro-Latina Starring in Disney Channel’s New Original Film THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY – An Interview

“It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter what your background is. As long as you know you’re supposed to be doing it and you believe in yourself. It’s a mindset at the end of the day. Believe in yourself. How do you expect other people to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself?” ~ Izabela Rose

This week, Black And Making It talked with 15-year-old television and film star Izabela Rose about her latest lead role in the new Disney Channel original film The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay. Rose talks about: the importance of putting education first; being a role model for black and brown kids; her amazing international travels; aspirations of producing and directing her own original works and more. Click the video above to watch our interview, and be sure to watch The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay now streaming on HULU. Lastly, do not forget to subscribe to for additional content on all things black excellence in art and education.


Courtesy of Izabela Rose Facebook Fan Page

Press Release Courtesy of Anderson Group Public Relations

African American-Salvadoran superstar in the making Izabela Rose is poised to follow in the footsteps of Disney legends Zendaya, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato as she leads the cast of the new Disney Channel original film THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY, which recently premiered on Disney and is currently streaming on HULU. Rose, who also Shadow Produced/Directed on the film, additionally starred as the lead in the 2020 hit Disney Channel original film UPSIDE-DOWN MAGIC.

THE CURIOUS CASE OF DOLPHIN BAY, which filmed in Brisbane, Australia, follows 15-year-old ‘Quinn Perkins’ (Izabela Rose), who travels to Australia to spend the summer working as a marine biologist intern with her best friend ‘Daniela’. Mysterious events start to occur, and they assume that they are being haunted by local legend Everly Fallow. With aspirations to also step behind-the-camera herself, Rose asked producers if she could Shadow Produce/Direct on the film in order to gain valuable first-hand experience in those fields. Director Christine Luby (AQUAMAN) took her under her wing and set up special meetings with her to discuss the script, production details, and other important aspects of the film. Rose, who was just 14 years old while filming, also learned how cameras worked and got approvals over hair & makeup, daily stills, and the final film poster. While in Queensland and to prepare for the role, Rose also immersed herself in learning about the ecosystem of our oceans, and in particular the devastations to The Great Barrier Reef due to climate change. Wanting to make a difference herself, she partnered with the non-profit Coral Gardeners and adopted her own coral reef systems. 

Courtesy of Izabela Rose Facebook Fan Page

Based on The New York Times best-selling Scholastic fantasy fiction books of the same name, UPSIDE-DOWN MAGIC centers around 13-year old ‘Nory Boxwood Horace’ (Izabela Rose), who discovers she has the ability to transform into animals, as she enters the Sage Academy for magical studies with her friend Reina Carvajal (Siena Agudong), who can manipulate flames. Izabela Rose gives a standout performance as the funny, charismatic, and optimistic heroine, whose unwavering belief that her unusual talent, along with those of her wonky friends, are just as valuable as those of her peers. 

Originally hailing from Flowery Ranch, Georgia, Izabela discovered her love of performing at an early age when she began modeling and competing in pageants all over the Southeast. It wasn’t long before she realized her future was in entertainment, and by 2016 she had booked her first commercial for ABC Family. Soon after, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her twin passions of acting and singing. Steven Spielberg personally selected her for the role of ‘Olivia’ in AppleTV+’s reimagining of the classic anthology series “Amazing Stories,” and also recently starred in the Disney Channel series “The Secrets of Sulphur Springs.”

When she is not in front of the camera or honing her craft, Izabela spends her time volunteering with the Atlanta Mission and other charities dedicated to helping the homeless, a cause close to her heart. She also enjoys playing video games (Minecraft and Roblox are her favorites!), guitar and is learning to speak Spanish.

Courtesy of Izabela Rose Facebook Fan Page


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